The heART Project

The heART Project is a collaboration between family charity The Sebastian Foundation, founded by Guy and Jules Sebastian and award-winning Australian photographer Karen Alsop.


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The heART Project is a collaboration between family charity The Sebastian Foundation, founded by Guy and Jules Sebastian and award-winning Australian photographer Karen Alsop.

Stories from the Heart

Stories from those that have been touched by The heART Project
Brian Bird

I originally signed up the The Heart Project as part of the follow up to the Story Art workshop but soon discovered it was so much more. Not only did I have the opportunity to learn some advanced composite techniques, but I also had the opportunity to meet these remarkable families. The Heart Project also helped me to realise how simple it is to make such a difference in someone’s lives doing something you love…..this is truly one of those experiences that changes your life. I feel privileged to have met these remarkable families and to have had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful and rewarding project…thank you so much to Karen and the very generous folks at The Sebastian foundation. I am proud to be part of this project!

Brian Bird -
Jacqui Griffin

As a photographer the heart project workshop has shown me how to bring my passion of photography together with my passion for helping others to create pieces that children with special needs and their families will treasure. To work with Karen has been incredible, she is the most amazing teacher who is more than happy to share all her knowledge to others so they too can continue to grow. As a mum I’ve been lucky to watch our daughter be part of the heart project, the whole experience has been life changing. Karen captured Tahliyah in a beautiful image that is now one of the most treasured items in our house. We will be forever grateful to Karen from Story Art and The Sebastian Foundation for this amazing experience, it’s definitely a moment in our lives that will always be remembered. Thank you Karen and The Sebastian Foundation for all you’ve done for these families and the ones in the future. You are my inspiration to learn more and help others.

Jacqui Griffin -
Vanessa Guzzo Photography

I was brought to tears watching this video. This little girl is so special and the family is lucky to have you create such heartwarming and magical images for them. Karen you are an inspiration!!!

Vanessa Guzzo Photography -
Briohny Cordell

Still lots of tears here 😭 But the main emotion I'm feeling is joy because that's what I see looking at Sienna in these amazing photos

Briohny Cordell -
Mandy Smith

Absolutely beautiful Karen, I still can't believe I had the chance to take part in this workshop and will never forget it. The joy from the families is just amazing and beautiful to watch, once again I have tears streaming down my face.

Mandy Smith -


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