the heART Project presents:

The Christmas Wish Project

The heART Project was started in 2016 by Photographer Karen Alsop from Story Art and former charity General Manager Adam Cubito to use photography to help change the lives of people around Australia and the world.  

We have  to date completed five heART Projects together with our army of wonderful volunteers and supportive corporate partners. Our latest project, The Christmas Wish Project, saw Karen transform a ward in Monash Children's Hospital into a photo studio.

The children and their parents thought they were getting an ordinary Santa photo, but were actually surprised with Karen's magical Christmas creations.​

The Christmas Wish Project was proudly supported by Adobe Australia and New Zealand

Together with the help of Kayell Australia, Adam Cubito Creative Producer, Little and Trivial Events, Art Defined, Wacom Australia, Canon Infinity, Epson Australia, Michael Marlborough, Jessica Waghorn, Stuart Alsop, Ben Mailo, Victoria McKay,  Fox and Beau, and Village Cinemas.